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We protect all athletes from serious risks and illnesses by providing innovative advice. Ultra Sports Science finances medical studies dedicated to ultra-endurance to better understand these risks.

Problèmes de santé, Ultra sports science, ultra-endurance, fondation Problèmes de santé, Ultra sports science, ultra-endurance, fondation Problèmes de santé, Ultra sports science, ultra-endurance, fondation
Serious medical problems

We protect all athletes from serious risks and illnesses by providing innovative advice.

Sudden cardiac death of athletes

Sudden cardiac death of athletes occurs during exercise. What do we do to avoid and understand serious heart problems?

Temperature disorders

Temperature regulation disorders are present in the practice of sport. Without prompt management, exercise hyperthermia or hypothermia can prove to be fatal.

Hydration disorders

Hydration is very complex, it is not just a mathematical method. Poor practice can lead to death. It is urgent to give you advice in order to avoid serious accidents.

Acute renal failure & rhabdomyolysis

Acute kidney failure is a "blockage" of the kidneys. Exercise rhabdomyolysis is a breakdown of skeletal muscles due to excessive exercise. Thermal stress, dehydration, insufficient acclimatization, excessive exercise, rhabdomyolysis, self-medication, and acute renal failure can be the cause of death.

Altitude & hypoxia

Oxygen is an essential element for life and performance. In this chapter we will deal with both themes.

Common medical problems

The practice of sport can generate minor problems which are often a major obstacle to performance.


The heart and breathing are two organs that work in constant interaction. You are quickly labeled as having exercise asthma. But are we certain of that?

Cramp is a syndrome

Cramps are often reasons for consultation during or after exercise. Despite a significant prevalence, the origin and mechanism of cramps is still not well understood.

Gastrointestinal Disorders:
Nausea & Vomiting

The gastrointestinal system is the first to suffer in the practice of ultra endurance sports. It should not be trivialized because the digestive tract can be severely affected. How to best manage this during a competition?

The musculoskeletal system

Sprains, tendinopasthies, stress fracture: Frequent "ultra" problems which are the primary cause of consultation with athletes. Advice to avoid it?

Sleep deprivation

The ultra endurance events are getting longer both in distance and in time. Sleep deprivation has a significant impact on safety and performance. Studies try to give good advice.


Blisters are the most commonly encountered medical problem in ultra-endurance foot races, representing 17–40 % of injuries at continuous ultramarathons and 33–74 % of injuries during multistage ultramarathons. Less than 5 % of skin- related injuries lead to more serious illness such as cellulitis.

Sport & Chronic diseases

Athletes with a chronic diseases (diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma, etc.) must be supported even more than others. To date we do not know precisely how many athletes are practicing with chronic medical problems. Investigations are necessary.

Performance aspects

All the determining factors of performance must be known and integrated into the training process for maximum performance.

Expeditions & Medical Research

An extreme adventure at the service of the company. What if our well-being contributed to the success of the company?

Others research

Difference between the sexes in ultra-endurance, what about the young athletes…


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